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13/11/11 - Can Connexions help me find a part-time job?

13/11/11 - Female, 14 :

 I don't get pocket money. EVER, my parents just can't afford it. i'm looking for away to earn money quick, so i can buy and do what I want to do. Im also in full-time education, so it would have to be around my schedule. Can connexions help me with this?

Ali says -

 Unfortunately Connexions can only advise you on your career choices but if your family is in severe hardship it would be worth you going to your nearest Connexions office to see if there is any financial assistance available to your family.

Take a look at our page on finding part-time work for some hints and tips on finding a job. As you are under 16, there are rules about the sort of work you can do and the number of hours you can work, both in term time and in the holidays. Here is a link to our page on rules and regulations for under 16s who are working contains this information.

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