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Applying for post -16 courses in Cambridgeshire

How do I apply?  

You apply direct to the school or college you are hoping to study at. You can apply to more than one centre or course.

The following providers will ask you to apply for courses using the electonic system, UCAS Progress - Search and Apply.

  • All Cambridge post 16 providers inlcuding the UTC
  • Huntingdon Regional College
  • Hinchingbrooke School
  • College of West Anglia
  • Neale-Wade Academy
  • Cromwell Academy
  • Thomas Clarkson Academy

Peterborough Regional College and all Peterborough schools will also require applications to be send through the UCAS system.

If your school is not using UCAS Progress to send applications you can self-register on the site and send an individual application electronically.

Make sure you go along to open days/evenings to find out more about the courses available.

For all other providers in Cambridgeshire, please contact them directly or look at their websites for application details.

Which area is the school or college in?

Cambridge Area  

 Fenland Area

Huntingdon Area

Comberton Village College

Impington Village College

Ely College

Cottenham 6th form

Parkside Federation

Netherhall School

Hills Road 6th form

Long Road 6th form

Cambridge Regional College

Univeristy Technical College

College of West Anglia, Milton Campus 

College of West Anglia, Kings Lynn

College of West Anglia, Isle Campus

Thomas Clarkson Academy

Cromwell Community College

Neale Wade Community College

Sir Harry Smith Community College

Abbey College,

Hinchingbrooke School

Longsands Academy

Sawtry Community College

St Ivo School

Ernulf Academy

St Peter's School

Huntingdonshire Regional College


What happens next?
You will probably be asked to go for an interview.

What happens if I don't get accepted?
If you have applied to more than one post-16 centre, you will be considered for all your choices. If you are unsuccessful, you can apply for alternative options. You can talk to your careers co-ordinator or form tutor about your options and other choices.

When will I know if I've been accepted?
You will normally receive an offer of a place in the summer term. The offer may be conditional on you achieving certain grades in your GCSEs or other exams.

What if I change my mind?
Ideas do change and some people will want to change their course choices. Contact the provider you are applying to and speak to their admissions team, or contact an Information Adviser who will also be able to advise.

What if I don't make the conditions of my offer?
GCSE results are out on the 25th August  2016 and an adviser will be in school on that day to help you.

Remember to contact your post-16 centre immediately and they will also be able discuss your options.

What do I do  if I leave my post 16 course early?

Sometimes students decide not to continue with their chosen subjects in yr 12.  If this is the case there are options:

  • If you apply for a different subject at the same level, you will probably be able to start a new 2 year course without any financial implications.
  • If you apply for the same subject area and the same level of study then there is likely to be a financial implication for the final year of the 2 year course.
  • You could apply for:

            A one year course.

            A job with training.

            An apprenticeship.


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