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01/12/16 - I don't want anything to do with my parents

01/12/16 - Female, 16 :

I dont live with my proper parents and im confused and worried about my little sister. i hope that she is okay but i dont want anything to do with proper parents but if i dont then i wont ever be able to see my sister. I also have been taken in and thy have said that i can live with them forever until needed and i feel bad because i dont pay anything to them and helen my proper parents wont pay. i dont know what to do i want to pay my way but she has got me on her taxes and said she wont pay.

Ali says -

As you are sixteen you can legally decide where you want to live without your parents consent so it is fine for you to be living with this new family.

I can understand that you would like to be able to pay something to the people you are living with but try not to feel bad about it because from what you have said they are happy to help you. There maybe benefits that you can claim to help contribute to the family costs and the best way to find out about these is to contact your nearest Youth Support Office and make an appointment to speak with an adviser. If for any reason this isn't possible you could visit your nearest Citizen Advice office who will be able to give you free, impartial advice about benefits.

If things have got difficult between you and your parents I can understand you feeling unhappy about seeing them but this may be something you'll have to accept if you want to see your sister so think about how you might be able to stay in touch on a minimal level. You never know over time things might improve and if you have not cut off links with your family altogether it may be possible to build bridges with your parents.

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