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23/08/17 - Rent/Paying board rights

24/08/17 - Male, 16 :

Hi there, i literally dont know my rights regarding getting paid, paying rent/board. I read somewhere that at 16 u shouldnt pay rent or board because at 16 we dont get taxed or anything due to the fact that we dont own anything by rights. Is this true? Please help me!

Ali says -

This is a tricky question and there is no clear cut answer. You dont say in your question whether you live with parents, guardians or carers. As far as I can determine there are no laws around whether or not you can be made to pay rent/board. The law is designed to keep young people safe and cared for this focuses on whether you have food and shelter. You are not classed as an adult until you are 18 but there is a grey area between 16 and 18 when you can work and have a sexual relationship but other things are not possible until 18 such as buying alcohol.

If you have a job and money is tight at home then it could be seen as a reasonable expectation that you contribute to the household. In the United Kingdom you only need to pay tax on your earnings if you earn over 11,500, it is called a personal allowance and is designed to help people on low incomes.

In reply to wondering whether you can own anything then you own any item which you have paid for with your own money.

Have a look at the Childline website page about your rights.

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