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23/08/17 - Babysitting course

24/08/17 - Female, 12 :

I would like to find out about babysitting courses nearby. I can find some online but I don't know if they are any good

Ali says -

It sounds as though you are taking the responsibility of babysitting very seriously which is good, I am unable to find any information about babysitting courses in the local Huntingdonshire area which would be suitable for your age group. I know that sometimes youth centres have run courses in the past so it may be worth checking with them.

The sort of topics they cover are:-

First Aid

Your rights, pay & the law

What to do in difficult situations

Fire safety

How to care for a baby/toddler/children

It may be worth doing a first aid course as that is likely to be seen favourably any information you can learn about younger children and young people would also benefit you for when you get some work. Good luck!

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