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24/08/2017 - Raising participation Age

24/08/17 - Female, 17 :

Hi I've just found out that i didn't pass all my AS's so my school have said that I can't go back.  I don't know what to do next.  I'm going to be 18 on November 5th and i don't want to go to college.  I have a part time job at the moment but I don't know what to do as a full time job.  I think my mum and dad have to tell child support that I'm no longer in education.  Do I have do go back to college?  I really don't know what to do as I've had no support for the school what so ever.  Please can you help.

Ali says -

Results time is often very stressful for young people especially if you did not get the grades which you expected or needed. I do not know what school you are at but there are other options about who to go to for support and to talk through your options.


I am making an assumption that you are concerned about the raised participation age (RPA) which states that all young people under 18 must be in education, employment or training. Yes your parents will need to inform child support that you are no longer in full time education but as you are working part-time you will be classed as in employment.


There are job clubs at various places in the Huntingdonshire area the Youthoria Get a Job page might give you some more information about full-time work and getting your CV up to scratch. I hope that helps. 

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