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06/10/2017 - Mental Health

06/10/17 - Female, 17 :


Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost to years however recently my mental health has gotten a lot worse and I feel like im dragging him down with it. He's reassured im not and he wants to stay and support me but I don't want to hurt him or push him away what do I do




 Youthoria Website

Ali says -

Thank you for your email. It can be hard to know who to turn to when your Mental Health deteriorates. It is good that you feel supported by your boyfriend. Is there anything you can do with your boyfriend that is fun and positive? Something that might take both your minds off how you are both feeling.

If possible share your concerns with a parent or trusted adult, they may be able to support you and your boyfriend to explore how your both feeling and help you to access the right support. Also have you spoken to your Doctor? They may be able to offer you support or help you access some support.

Your boyfriend might find some useful tips on a website call Epic Friends this site is about helping you to help your friends who might be struggling to cope emotionally.

You both could access Kooth an online counseling service. Kooth offer free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.

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