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10/10/17 - How to prevent an unwanted pregnancy

10/10/17 - Male, 18 :


urgent how can you avoid an unwanted pregnancy



Ali says -

Thank you for your question.  It has to be said that the best form of contraception is not to have sex in the first place!  It is the only form of contraception that is 100% effective.  This is why it is really important that you wait to have sex until you are really sure you want to accept the risks involved.

Whether you are male or female, if you decide to have sex, you must also decide to protect yourself and your partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Prescribed contraception will, if used properly, protect a girl from becoming pregnant - but unless it's a condom, it won't protect either partner from passing sexual infections to each other.  Condoms must be used correctly to ensure they work well and there are lots of things that can go wrong if you don’t follow instructions.

If you're under 16, a doctor can prescribe contraceptives for you without telling your parents - as long as the doctor believes that you are mature enough to understand what is being proposed.

People tend to only think about the pill or condoms.  There are, in fact several different options available to use.  For more information you can look at Youthoria’s contraception page here or look at our featured links which include the NHS Choices Sex worth talking about page

Alternatively you can make an appointment at your nearest Youth Support Service office or Sexual Health Clinic to explore your options or to sign up for the C-Card scheme   This way you and your partner can speak to an adult trained to support young people to make a good decision about contraception and explore sexual health.

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