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29/10/2017 - Relationships

29/10/17 - Female, 15 :

 Hello! I'm writing to ask about something that's bothering me for a while. I'm 15 and my parents would not allow me to date anyone, they are quite strict and talking with them would not be of any help. But since sometime, I've been liking one boy in our class and i wouldn't mind going out with him. But the only problem is that I'll have to hide it from my parents and possibly from some of my friends (so I won't get caught) and i feel bad about having to lie to them. What should I do? I really do like him and that's why I just can't ignore. If i do go out with him, do you have any advice how to do it without making it obvious? plus, my brother's in our school and he will be able to find it out of I go out with someone.

 Thanks :)




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Ali says -

Thanks for your question.

This is a tricky question to answer as it sounds like you don't want to disappoint your parents however you want to be able to experience things for yourself.

You say you can't talk to your parents about relationships, what about asking them if they would like to meet him first? Getting to know him might help them feel better about you having a relationship or dating. It might make them feel less worried. Most parents worry less if their daughters and sons talk to them about what is going on in their lives. Your parents will want to keep you safe and you may not agree with all of your parent's rules, lying to them may not be the best answer.

If you choose to start a relationship and don't feel you can tell your parents then please do talk to a person of trust (teacher, family member, friend) they will be able to advise you on what to do.

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