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12/03/2018 Dance College

12/03/18 - Female, 17 :

Age: 17

 Gender: Female

 Postcode: Cb22



 I am currently dancing at a government funded dance college and after am looking to go to higher education after, however I don�t think I have what it takes as I�ve never done dance before this. My teacher says I have so much potential it�s just my pickup speed and the only thing she suggests is taking classes outside of college, but I just can�t afford it and neither can my mum. Any ideas on what to do would be much appreciated, thank you



Ali says -



Thank you for your message. 

If you are at the government funded dance college, there should be a careers advisor linked with the college who will be able to help you plan and prepare for life after college.  It could be worth trying to book an appointment with them to get some advice to get to where you want to be. 

As for some extra practice outside college, it may be an idea to look into some local dance schools in your area.  They may be able to offer you affordable dance lessons, and some dance schools have volunteer schemes; these involved helping out with younger children’s classes and get some for free.  

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