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24/04/18 - My parents control me

25/04/18 - Male, 16 :

Hi my parents dont let me do things and try and control me. I am not tryitrying to do anything illegal. Do.i still have to do as they say?

Ali says -

Hi there and thank you for your question.†

Your parents are legally responsible for you until you are 18.† This means keeping you safe and includes your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.†

Being a parent is a very hard job and it is natural to want to protect you child from anything you might think has an element of risk or could cause problems for them.

Being a teenager is also very hard.† You are developing your independence and keen to make your own decisions and spend more time with friends experiencing new situations and opportunities.† Your age is also challenging as you are likely to be facing exams or the transition from secondary school to further education, employment or training.

Communication is really important.† Try to stay calm and explain how you are feeling.† Remind them of times where you have been trusted to do something you wanted to and focus on anything positive that came as a result.† Be prepared to compromise, offer to call them at a certain time to let them know all is well or to contact them immediately if you have a problem and canít manage.

Itís very hard to advise you as I do not know your situation.† The ChildLine Website which you can view here, has some really good information on your rights.†† Talking issues through with someone can be really helpful also especially if you have a trusted adult in your life such as a teacher, youth worker or parent of a close friend.†

If you are worried or unhappy with your situation I would advise talking to a counsellor via ChildLine (more information here) or Centre 33 (more information here) so that you can get support.† Alternatively Kooth is an online counselling service where you can access support through a counsellor or in a moderated chat room.† To access Kooth click here.

Best wishes


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