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06/05/2018 - How to find work experience

05/05/18 - Male, 15 :

Hey Ali, im looking to find a place to do work experience with someone but im not sure who to do it with

Ali says -

Thank you for asking Ali about how to find a suitable work experience placement.

My first advice would be to go and talk to a member of staff at your school or college, who would normally be organising this, for some advice.

If you do not know who to do the work experience with, then if necessary use the time at any place of work to gain an insight into the working environment – any workplace experience will help you understand the world of work. If you aree organising it your own work experience it might be beneficial to talk to parents or family firends to see if they can offer you a work experience placement.

If you have a definite view on the type of work e.g.  office work, working with children, animals, outdoors then it would make sense to look for work experience in that sector- again seek the advice of your teachers who will be able to help you to consider the skills and qualities you have as an individual that will inform your choices

Good luck and remember that volunteering is also a good way to gain transferable skills and to begin to explore the world of work.  If you’re in yr 11 then the National Citizens Service (NCS – you can click here for more info) is an exciting opportunity for young people to explore volunteering and skills for work.

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