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10/05/2018 - Job Search

10/05/18 - Male, 15 :

 Hello I need a job I can do Anything please message me back


 Youthoria Website

Ali says -

Hi, Thanks for your message. 

If you look at the work pages on Youthoria you will find lots of information to help you get started, from the rules relating to under 16’s working, how to search for a job, how to apply and how to write a good CV. There is also a list of jobs available to young people.

As summer is approaching a lot of shops, restaurants and cafés are looking for extra staff to help with the busy periods. Some may not take on under 16s because of insurance as most policies will not cover under 16s.

It is always worth taking your CV and covering letter in to local shops and cafés. Also you could ask family and friend if they have small jobs you can do to earn extra money like washing the car, mowing the lawn and babysitting.

If you need any extra support or help you can pop along to one of our Youth Support Drop in’s and speak to a Young People’s Worker. 

Good luck with your job search. 


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