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17/03/19 - I am pregnant and want to move out of my parents, am I entitled to housing?

19/03/19 - Female, 17 :

I am pregnant and want to move out of my parents, am I entitled to housing?

Ali says -

Hello there and thank you for your question

Your parents have a duty to house you until you are 18 however if this is not an option for you or your parents asked you to leave there are a number of positive steps you could take to explore alternative housing:

·         You can talk to your midwife.  They will be able to support you especially if you are under any stress or facing emotional distress in your pregnancy due to a housing issue or any other issue.

·         Your local Children’s Centre will have a specialist family worker in place to support teenage parents and will be able to help you to look at all the housing options available to you.

·         Centre 33 is a Cambridgeshire Youth Charity that are able to offer young people support and advice in relation to housing, you could attend one of their drop ins or contact them for help and support by following this link

·         As you live in South Cambs you could also contact Romsey Mill a Cambridge based youth charity that runs a Teenage Parenting Programme for young people living in Cambridge City and South Cambs – they would offer support in all aspects of life as a teen parent including housing.  For more information click here

If your parents ask you to leave, you are kicked out or you feel unsafe at home then you should contact Cambridgeshire Children’s Social Care on 0345 045 5203 (8-6pm Monday to Friday)   01733 234 724 (out of hours)

It’s really important that if you have a positive relationship with your parents that you keep working at it and keep the communication between you honest, open and strong.  You will soon be a parent yourself and it will be really beneficial to have as much support, family, friends or professional in place to help you with the next step in your life journey.  It may be that you can overcome your frustrations by sharing with them how you feel.  If they dont know how you are feeling they cant do anything about it so please do talk to them if this is an option.

Good luck with everything and best wishes


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