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03/04/19 - Depression

03/04/19 - Female, 17 :

 i wish someone would actually think about how i feel for once. i have friends, a S.O., and a nice family but i still feel so alone. I ve tried getting help for my depression but at this point there s nothing that can be done about it. I just don t know what to do anymore.

Ali says -


Thanks for your question, dealing with depression can feel like a lonely place. Are your family and friends aware of how you feel? It can feel like others don’t understand at times and I would encourage you to talk to someone you trust.

Have you spoken to your Doctor recently? They may be able to refer you to a service that might be able to help. Also have a look at these website links, they have some useful tips on how to help someone with depression.

If you urgently need help you can talk to the First response service (call 111 option 2) to access support. Alternatively you can talk to a Childline counsellor on 0800 1111 or online at

Hope this is helpful

Take Care


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