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If you think you are in immediate physical danger from bullying ring the police on 999 or 112

If the threat is not severe enough to ring the police do the following things:

  • Get yourself to a safe place where there are other people about (preferably adults)
  • Tell a responsible adult what you are worried about . Who you tell will depend where you are. It could be a teacher, youth worker, leisure centre receptionist, shop keeper etc.
  • Contact your parent/carer as soon as possible and tell them where you are and what is happening.  If you haven't got a phone with you ask one of the people above if they have a phone you can use
  • If your parent/carer or another adult you trust can't come and get you and you feel you are still in danger ring the police on 999 or 112

 Remember - Don't suffer in silence, no one will mind you asking for help.

You can get advice on bullying without having to give your name by ringing Childline free on 0800 1111. The call won't even show up on your phone bill. 

For more information on bullying see our bullying section.

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