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Hassle online

If you are being hassled, bullied, stalked or made to feel uncomfortable online you can do something about it ....

Chatrooms -  A lot of chatrooms have hosts or guides in the room.  If someone does anything to upset you, report them to the room host/guide.  Usually the person is thrown out of the room instantly and their details are logged in case it happens again.  If there isn't a host or guide in the room get out of the room yourself and report the person to the chatroom provider (Most respectable chatrooms have an easy to find facility to do this).

Phone, text and instant messaging - End the call, or put a block on more texts/messages getting through and then tell an adult you trust about it.

Problems with adults - Report any activity which makes you feel uncomfortable. For example, this could be a conversation with someone online who you think might be an adult and is talking to you in a sexually explicit way or who is trying to meet you for sex. You can report them online.  This website is run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Remember if some one says or sends you something abusive or offensive keep a record of it so that if you have to report the person you have got some evidence to back up your complaint.

For some tips about online safety visit our staying safe online page

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