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Clubs and activities in the Wisbech area


Jammin is a music youth club for young people aged 11-19. It offers the opportunity for young people to come and play an instrument of their choice with the support of youth workers and senior members. Since the project began in 2009, four bands have been created and have performed at the Wisbech Multicultural Festival and have successfully organised their own gigs playing to friends, family and the public.

Recently the project has grown, more and more young people have been walking through the doors. This has meant that we have expanded and made the best use of our facilities at the Queen Mary Centre. We have broken down the session into ‘singers’, ‘drummers’ and ‘guitarists’. We have a member of staff for each group who is able to help teach and give recommendations to individuals about their performance and aid them in becoming a more successful musician. The young people are currently working on one song to later perform all together in front of other staff members around the building in order to boost the confidence of the newer members.

This project has huge potential to reach out to many young people. If you would like more information, please contact myself, Amber Crawshawe on 01945582438 or


Elm and Friday Youth Club has been established for some time and always has regular attendees. Here the young people are able to get creative with arts and crafts, learn the basics for cooking, play on the play station and Xbox and spend time with their friends. Recently we have seen lot of new members attend who have settled in very well and very quickly which is great to see!

We are in the process or organising a fundraising bingo night and hope to hold bag packs and car washes to raise some money towards the running of the youth club!

The young people had lots of fun last week trying to flip pancakes and had great pleasure in laughing at the youth workers attempts too! We always welcome new young people and are open to ideas about what activities you would like to do!

If you would like any more information then please do not hesitate to contact myself, Amber Crawshawe on 01945582438 or


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