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Cambridgeshire Time Credits

Cambridgeshire County Council and the CHS Group are working in partnership with the charity Spice Innovations Ltd to create a Time Credits Network across Cambridgeshire, helping to strengthen and build communities

What are Time Credits?

Participants who give their time to local services and organisations earn Time Credits that can be used to access mutual support from others and local services such as the gym, swimming pool, creative arts and community events.

One hour of time given to local services will earn one Time Credit that can be spent on an hour of activity. Time Credits have proven to be highly effective at supporting community resilience and improved quality of life, health and wellbeing through engaging many more people in their local communities. Time Credits enable people, many new to volunteering, to be involved in different ways in order to add a new dimension to their lives and to create a more diverse and engaged community.

View/download the Cambridgeshire Time Credits leaflet

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