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Why volunteer? By volunteering you can:

  • Learn new skills
  • Try out different kinds of jobs
  • Receive free training
  • Add some work experience to your CV
  • Meet people
  • Help people and improve the world around you

If you are thinking about volunteering in your area, it helps to have an idea of how much time you can spare, what areas interest you, whether you want to start a new project or work on an existing project and who you'd like to work with.

Use the ' Things to do' search, on this website (see the link below), to find out about local volunteering opportunities for young people. You can search for volunteering in the area nearest you.

There are also volunteer centres in your area that can offer advice and help you find a volunteer placement that best suits your interests and schedule. Whatever your age, experience, skills, interests or time available, volunteer centres across can help you get involved in volunteering. 

Huntingdonshire volunteer centre

Fenland volunteer centre

Or you could try one of the websites we've listed below, to get a better sense of what is out there for you.  

Cambridge City Council Volunteering pages

Vounteering for Cambridgeshire County Council

Volunteering in sport

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