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Special Educational Needs

Do you need extra help?

Sometimes we all need extra help, with things like getting on at school or college, making friends and finding things to do near where we live.

You can find out about what support there is near you by looking at the local offer. You can view the local offer for Cambridgeshire on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

If you need help at school or college

Most of the time your school or college will make sure that you get any extra help you need. This is called SEN Support and you should be told if you are getting this help. Find out more information about SEN Support 

If you need more help at school or college

You may have an assessment to find out what extra help you need. This is called an Education, Health and Care Assessment. You, your parents/carers and all the people who support you will look at what you can do on your own and what you need extra help with. Find out more about Education, Health and Care Assessments and Plans 

If you aged between 16 and 25 and in full time education, you can ask for an Education, Health and Care Assessment. You will need to fill out an assessment request form . The form can be found under the heading 'Who Can Request an Assessment?'.

If you are under 16, your parents/carers or school, can ask for an Education, Health and Care Assessment.

Keeping your Education, Health and Care plan up to date

Each year you should have a review to make sure that the help you get is making a difference. This is called an annual review and is organised by your school or college.

Find out more about annual reviews

If you have a Statement of SEN

If you have a Statement of special educational needs, it will be replaced by an EHC Plan as part of your annual review. Your school or college will tell you and your parents/carers how this will happen.


Getting help

If you want to talk to someone about the help you need and how you can get support, you can ring or email the SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.  They have trained advisers who know all about support for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Visit the CCC website for more information

Choices and options when leaving school

All young people need to plan for their future. 

At 16, you can make choices about what you want to do after Year 11. All young people have to stay in education or training until they are 18, this could be staying on at school, going to a college or Sixth Form or starting an apprenticeship or training programme.

Find out more about choices at 16 and 18 on Youthoria 

'Moving On 2020 – 2021 is a booklet that outlines your choices and options if you have additional needs and are leaving school.

Help with making choices and decisions

Your school or college will help you find out about what you can do and how to get started. You may be able to see a Transitions Adviser at school. Transitions Advisers help young people who need more support. 

If you have an Education, Health and Care Plan, your plans for the future will be talked about at your annual reviews.

Young people at special schools will get extra help from our Preparing for Adulthood Additional Needs Advisers . They will help you make plans for the future. Your school will make sure that you get this help.

Getting help from Adult Social Care - for young adults aged 18 – 25

If you get help from Disabled Children’s Social Care, your social worker will talk to you about the help you will need as an adult. Find out more about help you will need as an adult

We need your help with the local offer

We would like to make our local offer better. We would like to know what information you need and where and how you would like to get it.

There are different ways to get involved with the local offer, including events, surveys and giving your feedback.

To find out more visit the County Council's Local Offer pages.

Or contact SENDIASS (SEND Information, Advice and Support Service) - email:

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