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Our lives aremade up ofmany different elements.So it'snotsurprising thatthings canget complicated sometimes!

Whatever's going on in your life at the moment,we have lots of information to helpyou make the best of it.

Online Safety & Staying Safe

Staying safe - At work

Staying safe - On the street

Safeguarding young people at risk

Staying safe - In Sport

Staying safe on the road

Online Safety


Child abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation

Female genital mutilation (FGM)

Honour based violence and forced marriage

Domestic & Relationship Abuse

Stories From Survivors


What is bullying?

Cyber Bullying

Gang bullying

What can I do if I'm being bullied?

Why do some people bully?

I am a bully, what can I do?

Dealing with anger

Bullying - What If?

More help with bullying



Living costs

Housing rights and responsibilities


It's your choice

Being Thrown out of home

Bullying at school/college

Having unprotected sex

Dealing with depression

Being in an abusive relationship

Drinking at a party

Being asked to send a sexy image to a partner

Realising you are studying the wrong subject at school/college

Coping with an eating disorder

Risk of getting into crime

Giving up smoking

Managing the real v virtual world





Travel and Transport

Transport for those with disabilities

Learning to drive

Public transport


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Coping with someone dying


Contact the Police

Fearless - Information/advice about crime

Fire crime (Arson)

Anti-social behaviour

After you are interviewed

In trouble with the law?

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