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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying can be:

  • Hurtfull emails or text messages 
  • Picture or video clip bullying using mobile phone cameras which can make you feel embarrassed or threatened
  • Instant messaging used to bully, frighten or make fun of someone
  • Chat room bullying

How can I keep clear of cyber bullies?

  • Be careful who you give your mobile number or email address to 
  • Never reply to emails that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Leave the chat room if anything makes you feel uncomfortable
  • If you have a page on a social networking site like Facebook, MSN, Myspace or Bebo make sure you understand all of the privacy and security settings and use them.

What can I do if I get bullied?

  • Tell someone you trust - a parent/friend/teacher/youth worker/personal adviser
  • Write down exactly when the threatening message was sent or call made
  • Keep emails and texts as evidence 
  • Contact your phone company or internet provider to find out how they can help you


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