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Bullying - What If?

In their leaflet about bullying Kidscape have set out a list of 'what if' questions.

These can help you think about what to do if you get bullied.

1. You are walking to school and a gang of older bullies demands your money. Do you:

a. Fight them?
b. Shout and run away?
c. Give them the money?

Answer: Give them the money - your safety is more important than money. Then make sure you tell an adult you trust what happened.


2. Someone in your class always makes rude comments about you and says them loud enough for you (and others) to hear. It really upsets you. Do you:

a. Ignore the comments?
b. Confront the bully and tell him/her off?
c. Tell the teacher?
d. Punch the bully in the nose?

Answer: You may feel like punching the bully, but you'll probably be the one to get in trouble if you do. Try ignoring the comments. This is difficult but the bully might get tired of trying to get a reaction. You should tell your teacher as no-one should make hurtful comments to others.


3. You see someone being bullied. Do you:

a. Ignore it?
b. Stop the bully?
c. Get help?

Answer: Try to stop it if you can without getting hurt. Let the victim know you're getting help and get a teacher or another adult.


4. Your former 'best' friends start to bully you. This hurts your feelings and you are quite miserable. Do you:

a. Tell your parents?
b. Do nothing?
c. Ring a member of the group to find out why?
d. Try to find a new group?

Answer: Try talking to your parents or an adult about this. You can find a new group and make new friends - if these 'friends' are so cruel, they may not be worth having as your friends.


5. Some pupils make racist comments to minority groups. Do you:

a. Ignore it and don't get involved?
b. Get the help of other pupils and teachers to stop the bullies making these comments?
c. Hit the pupils making the comments?

Answer: Racist comments and wrong and can be very hurtful. Everyone has the right to their own culture and religion.


6. An adult is bullying you. Do you:

a. Say nothing?
b. Tell another adult you trust?
c. Get some of your friends together and tell the adult to stop?

Answer: This is a difficult situation for the young person. It would be best to get another adult to help you - someone you trust.


7. Someone you know is a bully. Do you?

a. Try to find out why?
b. Bully him/her?
c. Try being a friend and setting a good example?

As we've mentioned, there are lots of reasons why someone may bully others. If he/she is someone you think you can help, try being a friend to them. The bully may be unhappy and need help from an adult. 

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