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Anti-social behaviour

†There is nothing wrong with messing around with friends during warm summer evenings.† However, be careful not to overstep the mark or you could face the prospect of a criminal record.

For many ASB may seem like harmless fun, just hanging around shouting, play fighting or messing about with friends.† However for some, particularly the elderly and vulnerable it can be very intimidating, especially if it is late at night.† ASB can make individuals or families feel victimised and too scared to leave their house for fear of being targeted. Always think of how your behaviour might be seen by other people and they may feel about it.†† How you would feel if it was your grandparents who were feeling vulnerable due to a group of youths?

Underage drinking or smoking cannabis are also criminal offences and can impact on other residents who may feel intimated by such behaviour or large gatherings.

It is not just how you act that could land you in trouble; there is often an increase in criminal damage during school holidays, largely down to young people.† ASB can easily escalate into criminal damage for actions such as vandalism or graffiti to property.† Remember that walls, signs, windows, cars, play equipment etc all belong to someone. Damaging property or defacing it with graffiti is a crime and offenders face being fined, arrested or even taken to court. A criminal record can have serious consequences for your future job prospects.

Think about how your actions might affect others and donít run the risk of getting in trouble with the law.

We want you to enjoy yourself, just think about how your behaviour may impact on those around you and your community.


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