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It's your choice

It's your choice presents you with stories that young people have faced and gives you the chance to decide what you would do.

The stories have been illustrated by art and design students from Cambridge Regional College.


Picture of a girl - half of it is pixelatedEveryone you know is on Facebook and you all have a lot of fun keeping up with what people are doing.† However when you are out one evening you notice that you and your four friends spend more time on your phones than talking to each other.† You would like to change this situation but you are afraid of loosing friends on Facebook especially if you donít answer them straight away.

†What do you do next? Make your choice about managing the real v virtual world


Giving up smoking

Help with cigarettesYou have been smoking for a couple of years and would really like to stop.† The only thing is you tried once before but it didnít last very long and you started smoking again.† You would try again but the people you hang out with smoke and you donít think you could give up while you are around them all the time.

†What do you do next? Make your choice about giving up smoking.


Risk of getting into crime

Faces in front of a Police height chartYou are out with a couple of friends you met at a party a week ago and you are talking about ways to make money.† After a few suggestions one of the people you are with tells you about how they make money by recycling things other people donít want. It becomes clear to you that they are talking about stealing but when you bring it up they say itís not because itís stuff those people donít use any more. You desperately need some more cash but you are not sure about their idea.

What do you do next? Make your choice about the risk of getting into crime


Coping with an eating disorder

Mirror lable - Warning reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of 'beauty'Everyone comments on the fact that you are putting on weight which is making you feel bad about yourself.† You find yourself spending less time with your friends because they either get at you about your size or just donít seem to include you in things as much as they used to.† The only thing that seems to make you feel better is eating the things you like and you decide that if itís making you feel better maybe itís OK to indulge yourself for a while until you feel happier.† Itís coming up to the year ball and you go into town to buy that special outfit.† At the shops you get depressed because you canít find anything you like in your size.

What do you do next? Make your choice about coping with an eating disorder


Realising you are studying the wrong subject at school/college

Bored student doodling in lessonA few weeks into your course you start to think that you have chosen the wrong subject as itís really hard and you arenít enjoying it at all. You are starting to get behind with your project work .... this gets bad comments from your tutor which just makes you feel even more that you are on the wrong course.

What do you do next? Make your choice about being on the wrong course


Being asked to send a sexy image to a partner

Who will see this?You have been sending sexy text messages to your partner for a while and you get a message saying could you send a sexy photo as a happy reminder of the last time you were together.

What do you do next? Make your choice about sending a sexy image


Drinking at a party

Collage of bottles and glassesItís the end of term and your class mates decide to throw a party to celebrate.† You know there will be alcohol at the party but because you are under age you tell yourself that you will stick to soft drinks.† When you arrive at the party itís obvious that there is more alcohol around than you had thought and several people are already drunk.

What do you do next? Make your choice about drinking at a party


Being in an abusive relationship

Outline of two people holding hands with words describing both sides of an abusive relationshipWhen you started going out with your current partner everything was great but just recently you have noticed a change. Your partner has started to get very controlling about what you do in your spare time and who you see.† At first you put this down to your partner wanting to spend more time with you but itís beginning to make you unhappy when you are on your own and thinking about it. Then your partner will turn up and be very loving which makes you feel everything is OK after all.

What do you do next? Make your choice about being in an abusive relationship


Dealing with depression

two people. One holding an umbrella over the other with the word 'Hope'For some time you have been feeling really down. There doesnít seem to be any point in anything you do and nobody can make you feel any better. You have started skipping lessons just to go somewhere quiet and get things sorted in your head.† However this isnít working and being on your own with just your thoughts is making you feel worse. You are starting to feel that you are in a downward spiral where the more you think about things the worse everything seems and you canít image it ever getting any better. You think about telling your friends but you are even beginning to wonder if they care or if life is worth living.

What do you do next? Make your choice about dealing with depression

Having Unprotected sex

After going out with your partner for a while you both decide that itís time to have sex for the first time.† You decide that if you are going to have sex you should do it in a planned way so that it is special and so you donít make any of the mistakes people often make with first time sex.† On the evening when itís going to happen you both set out your room with soft music, candles, a couple of bottles of wine and condoms. Unfortunately you underestimate the effect the wine has on you both and end up having sex without the condoms. The next morning you realise what has happened and worry if everything is going to be OK.

What do you do next? Make your choice about having unprotected sex

Bullying at school/college

A group of students in your year are making your life hell..... they say things to put you down whenever they see you and look for ways of making you feel bad like tripping you up when you are carrying food and putting posters up about you that make you feel bad.† You feel trapped in a situation thatís getting worse and you donít know what to do or who to turn to.

What do you do next?†Make your choice about being thrown out of home here

Being Thrown out of Home

Itís 4 oíclock on a Wednesday afternoon in December and you get home to find a bag on the doorstep with some of your things in it.† You pick the bag up and go inside at which point your mum says ďDonít bother coming in because I donít want you here any moreĒ. You try to go to your room but your mum blocks your way and starts pushing you towards the front door.† You decide all you can do is leave and walk to the end of the road.

What do you do next?†Make your choice about being thrown out of home here

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