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Giving up smoking

Help with cigarettesIllustration: Philipa Knight - Cambridge Regional College

You have been smoking for a couple of years and would really like to stop.  The only thing is you tried once before but it didn’t last very long and you started smoking again.  You would try again but the people you hang out with smoke and you don’t think you could give up while you are around them all the time.

What do you do next?

  • Stop hanging about with this group of people
  • Try giving up on your own
  • Join a programme to help you give up

Read on to find out which of these options you should or shouldn’t take…….


Stop hanging about with this group of people

Well, this is an option but if this group of people are your friends would it really make sense to stop seeing them over this. Maybe you could you could talk to members of the group individually to see if anyone else wanted to give up smoking so you could do it together and support each other.


Try giving up on your own

If no one else in the group wants to give up you will have to do it on your own but remember there are people in your local area who can help you so you won’t really be on your own. Also when your friends see how well you are doing and how much money you have for other things it will get them thinking about giving up as well.


Join a programme to help you give up

This is by far the best option as joining a programme as you will get a lot of support to help you quit. Take a look at the Camquit page for more information about giving up smoking.


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