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Honour based violence and forced marriage

The ignorance has to end. People are missing from classrooms because of forced marriages . Every voice matters. Facebook page: It's my right-No forced marriagesHonour†Based Violence is where a person is being punished by their family or their community because it is believed the person has done something to bring shame on the family or the community.

Things such as choice of dress, friends, relationships and career or a person not doing as the family say might be said to bring shame on a family or community. But this is wrong there is no excuse for abusing people.

Honour†based violence does not have to be physical violence.

It can be:

  • Physical and sexual violence
  • Emotional abuse, for example threats and insults
  • Forced marriage
  • Financial abuse (not letting someone have control over their own money)

Honour†based Violence can have a terrible effect on young people.

For example it can make people feel scared, threatened, anxious, depressed, stressed or even suicidal.

Remember -†Honour†Based Violence is abuse and in the UK this is illegal.

This information is taken from the†Respect Not Fear†website

Forced Marriage

A forced marriage is when one or both of the people do not†consent to the marriage.† Pressure and threats are often used to try to make them agree.

The organisation Plan UK advise that:

  • 1 in 3 girls in the developing world are married by their 18th birthday. This can end their chance of completing an education and puts them at greater risk of feeling alone and being abused.
  • For girls under 15 the cases of early and forced marriage is 1 in 9. Some are married as young as five years old.
  • Victims of early and forced marriage often have children very young. About†70,000 girls die in labour every year because their bodies arenít ready for childbirth.

Forced marriage is illegal in the UK.††

In 2014, changes to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act made it illegal to take someone overseas to force them to marry and to marry someone who lacks mental capacity to consent.

For more information and support you can call the Forced Marriage Unit on +44 (0) 20 7008 0151

or visit†the forced marriage unit website

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