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Child Sexual Exploitation

“Child Sexual Exploitation” is when someone outside the family sets out to exploit a young person or child for sex.  Often it is groups of men, sometimes from ethnic minorities, bribing and controlling girls for sex.  The girls have often been white and living in very difficult circumstances.  In fact, offenders can be Black or White, male or female, in groups or alone.  The same is true of victims. They can use gifts and money, drink and drugs, or just pretend to care and be a friend.  They can threaten and use violence or say they will expose the young person if they don’t keep on doing what they are told.    They can use other young people who have been victims themselves, the internet or just be where young people go. 

Not every victim will see themselves as that.  For many it becomes normal for them, they are having a good time, they’re accepted, it’s grown up. But they will know that they have lost control over who they have sex with and when.  The needs of the offender are everything, those of the victim are nothing.

It’s not always easy to see what is and what is not CSE, particularly when you are close to it.  But if you feel you have been set up just for sex, are being pulled into something you can’t control or you see a friend being used, then please talk to someone you trust.  There are many professionals in everyone’s life, teachers and doctors, social workers, youth workers and sports coaches.  They all have a responsibility to keep you safe.

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