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Many of us suffer from stress. This is when we feel as if we are unable to cope with things that happen in our lives.

Although a little stress is good for us, feeling under pressure for days on end can make us unwell.

Signs that stress is affecting us badly can include feeling tearful, mood swings, tiredness, tense muscles, forgetfulness, constant worrying, a lack of confidence or feeling ill.

Try to think of what may be causing the stress. It could be worrying about exams, concerns about what people are thinking of you, worrying about family or friends or something completely different.Once you know what ismaking you feel stressed you will be able to start looking for ways to help the situation.

Often, people get stressed when they expect too much of themselves. Thinking you can't cope will only make it worse. Try to be realistic about what you expect of yourself, and give yourself a reward when you achieve something. Make sure you are getting enough sleep,find time to get some fresh air andexercise andtry toeat a healthy diet.

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