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Emotional Well being and mental health strategy

Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council and the NHS have put together a plan to support the emotional well being and mental health of young people in the area.

The purpose of this strategy is to make sure that if you need help there will be someone to give support and guidance so you can feel better and sort out what is bothering you before you feel even worse.

They also want to make sure that whoever helps you knows what they are doing, offers you help and support that will work (or make a difference), show you respect and include you in all the decisions made about you.

Here are the six main points of the plan:

1. For all the services we fund, whatever help they offer, we will make sure they make a difference for children and young people. We will tell them to learn from each other by sharing their knowledge and experience on what works best.

2. Supporting children and young people who are experiencing mental health needs is everybody's business. Organisations will need to prove that they work together, have the right knowledge and skills and are providing services that are value for money

3. There will be clarity on what services are available, how to access them and  what they can offer.

4. There will be a service to go to no matter what the problem or need is,  making sure support is offered early but also that those with more serious problems know where to go for help.

5. We will make sure children and young people get the right support quickly so their needs don't become more serious.

6. All organisations will work to the same principles and standards.You can read/download the strategy hereThe people who have put this strategy together would like to hear your vie

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