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Types of housing

Young people's supported housing
This is a self-contained room, with either its own or a shared kitchen and bathroom.You can come and go as you please, but there are staff members available to give practical support and help if you need it.It can be a good place to start if you've just left home, because staff can help you with things like cooking, budgeting and dealing with benefits.

Speak to the housing adviser at your local council to find outmore information.

Flat/house share
If you want to share with others, then a house or flat share may be the best choice for you. It is usually cheaper than renting on your own, and it can be nice to have people around. You become a partner in the rental of the house or flat and are responsible for paying part of the rent and looking after the place. You usually have your own bedroom and share the bathroom, kitchen etc with others.

This is a self-contained room, usually in a house or building of other bedsits, with its own basic cooking facilities and a shared bathroom.You have your independence, but if you like being with other people you might find it a bit lonely.

This means living as a paying guest in a private house, sharing the bathroom and kitchen facilities with the landlord/lady and maybe even the family. You'll have to be prepared to fit in and live by their rules but it can be a much cheaper 'all inclusive' alternative, especially if you're able to arrange baby-sitting as part of the deal.

Self-contained flat or house
This is ideal if you can afford to take on thewhole responsibility of a flat yourself but remember that many landlords won't allow you to sub-let i.e. rent rooms to other people. It's quite usual for a group of people to rent a house together as long as each person is named on the tenancy agreement (contract), so that everyone takes responsibility for rent and repairs.

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