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Young carers

Are you looking after a family member who is disabled or has a serious illness or mental health problem? Are you affected by a relative's misuse of drugs or alcohol? Young carers are young people under the age of 18 who have the responsibility for looking after a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or other relative.

  • Carers may have to prepare meals, look after money matters, give medicine, arrange appointments or take care of a relative's hygiene.Also caring for someone often means giving them emotional support. It can be a lot of work for anyone to handle, especially if you're trying to go to school or work at the same time
  • Caring can be emotionally demanding.You may feel isolated and find it difficult to have a social life or to reach your educational goals because of the time and energy you devote to the person you care for
  • As a young carer, you have a right to build friendships and enjoy social opportunities, to be taken care of yourself, to go to school and further education and to have time for yourself
  • Young Carer's workers can give you the information you need, put you in touch with the right people for support and counselling. Young carers groups are also available to provide emotional support

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