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Relationship abuse

Most people think that abuse between partners only happens to adults (it is often called Domestic Abuse) but the fact is many people young people also get abuse from their boyfriend or girlfriend.


  • Abuse in relationships is not normal or right – if you are in an abusive relationship it’s not your fault and you do not have to stand for it.


  • It is not just physical violence, like punching or kicking, that makes a relationship abusive – if you are threatened with violence, have no say over what you wear or who you see or speak to, or are constantly criticised it is still abuse.


  • Abuse is never OK – blaming abuse on anger, jealousy, alcohol or the behaviour of the other person is not right.

Help is available – if you need some support getting out of an abusive relationship or just want to talk to someone visit –

Are you his Princess one minute and a stupid tart the next?

Are you a dream boyfriend by day and a control freak by night?


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