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I am a bully, what can I do?

If you are a bully, you can change. Firstly, try and work out why you bully others.

  • Do you mean to upset or hurt others?
  • Do you know when you are bullying?
  • Is something making you unhappy?
  • Do you feel left out or lonely at school?
  • Is someone picking on you?
  • Is there a particular person that you pick on?
  • Does something make you feel angry or frustrated?
  • Do you go around with a gang which bullies people?  

How can I stop bullying?

Apologise to the person or people you have bullied - Do it privately and don't be upset if they are still suspicious of you - they just need to get used to the 'new you'

Get a job or do voluntary work - people outside school won't know that you have been a bully and won't be put of by your reputation

Develop new interests - find out about local clubs and groups you could join

Talk to someone about the problem - you can talk to your parent or carer, a teacher or a youth worker.  If you feel you haven't got anyone to talk to you can contact one of the organisations listed under 'Featured Links' on the right hand side of this page.

Take positive steps to help yourself. Some adults who were bullies as children often end up with all sorts of problems - failed relationships, few friends, frequent job changes, even prison records.

Save yourself future grief by stopping bullying now. 

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