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Disability discrimination

If a person is treated unfairly because of a disability, then it may be considered as discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

What kind of actions could be seen as disability discrimination?

Being treated less favourably than any another person while at work, trying to rent a flat, at school or college or when buying goods and services because of a disability can be considered as discrimination under the Act. 

What facilities should be provided for people with disabilities?

Organisations must take reasonable steps to improve access for people with disabilities, for example, building ramps for wheelchair users. Employers must make 'reasonable adjustments' such as providing parking, appropriate keyboard or phone, or providing a wheelchair accessible space to work.  

It is unlawful for education providers to treat people less favourably for a reason related to disability, or to fail to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of those with disabilities.
All further and higher education providers are required to publish disability statements giving information about facilities for disabled people.

If I feel I have been discriminated against what should I do?

If you have experienced discrimination because of a disability, make a detailed note of what has happened, including when, where and how the event took place and who was involved.

Tell someone you trust about what has happened, such as a parent, teacher or your personal adviser. You could also get in touch with one of the agencies listed or check out the website links. 

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