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Racial discrimination

It is a criminal offence to discriminate against a person on the basis of their race, colour, ethnicity or nationality.

What kind of actions would be considered racial discrimination?

Publishing or distributing racist material, using abusive language or threatening behaviour can lead to prosecution under the Race Relations Act 1976.  

Unfair treatment, such as being refused a job or a place on a course or suffering from discrimination while trying to buy something, trying to rent or when dealing with the authorities, is also covered by the Race Relations Act. 

If this happens to me what should I do?

Unfortunately, race discrimination continues to exist.  If you are experiencing discrimination, don't let it go unnoticed. Make a detailed note of what has happened, including when, where and how the event took place and who was involved.

Try speaking to someone you trust, such as a parent, teacher or personal adviser. You could also get in touch with one of the agencies listed or check out the website links.  

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