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Your rights at work

Everybody has rights at work, so make sure you know what yours are!

When you start work you will be given a contract of employment. This need not be in writing at first. Everything you are told when you are offered the job may be part of your contract. Make sure you understand exactly what your job is, how much and when you will be paid.

Within 2 months of starting your job your employer must give you a written statement of your terms and conditions of employment. This should include details of:

  • Pay
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Hours and place of work
  • Pension scheme details
  • Rules about absence, sickness etc.
  • Length of notice required if you want to leave
  • Disciplinary procedures

If there is anything on your contract you are not sure about then you need to seek advice. Ask the Human Resources (HR) or Personnel Department, if there is one, at your company to explain more clearly. If there is no HR department, ask your supervisor who can help you. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can advise you if you have any problems.

This is only an outline. Employment law changes all the time so make sure you get up to date information.  

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