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What can I do at age 18?

When you are 18 you are allowed to:

  • Vote
  • Sue or be sued
  • Open a bank account in your own name
  • Perform professionally abroad
  • Serve on a jury
  • Get a tattoo
  • Buy cigarettes and tobacco
  • Buy and drink alcohol in a bar
  • See an 18 certificate film at the cinema
  • Buy fireworks
  • Pawn items in a pawn shop
  • Leave home
  • Marry or register a civil partnership
  • Make a Will
  • Stand for election as a member of parliament
  • Carry an organ donor card
  • You cannot be made a ward of the court
  • Own land, buy a house or flat & apply for a mortgage
  • If you are adopted, you can apply to see a copy of your original birth certificate
  • Ride a motorbike above 125cc with a licence
  • Drive lorries between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer up to 750kg (with the appropriate licence)


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