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Pregnancy testing

There are few things worse than the fear that you or your partner are pregnant... However worrying about it won't change anything so the best thing is to find out for sure by taking a pregnancy test.

To take a pregnancy test you either need to:

The first two options on this list are the best as you will get professional advice and sensitive caring support should you need it. Also it won't cost you anything! However if you do want to do a DIY test in the comfort of your own home you can purchase one from any high street chemist for around 10.

How soon after I think I am pregnant can I take a test?

Here's the bad news; if you have unprotected sex and think you are at risk from being pregnant you will need to wait at least until your next period is due*. You can take a test anytime after the day after your period is due (in other words, the day after your period is late). However if you go to a doctor or sexual health clinic you will need to wait one week after your period is due (this is to make sure your period is not just a bit late).

*Please Note: There are some more expensive kits that allow you to test a bit earlier.

What will I need to do with the kit?

There are several kits on the market and the exact procedure will depend on the kit you buy. Generally though there are three stages:

  • Collect an early morning urine sample
  • Use the implement supplied to drop some urine on the test strip or indicator
  • Wait a few minutes for the result

How reliable are they?

Usually if the kit says you are pregnant... you are. However they are not as reliable the other way around so if the kit says you are not pregnant there are occasions when it is wrong. Often people don't use the kit probably or misread the results - so read the instructions carefully!

What to do if you discover you are pregnant

If you do a DIY test and it comes up positive go and get proper medical advice from a Doctor or sexual health clinic as soon as possible. It is natural to want to put it off but it really is better in the long run and most people feel a lot better once they have faced up to it. They often find that their parents react better to the news than they thought as well!

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