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Sex - doing it right

'Doing it Right' is a short film produced by young people, for young people about sexual health.

The film was produced as part of 'Prevent/Protect' a film-based sexual health campaign delivered by the Octavia Foundation, with funding from NHS Kensington and Chelsea. Eight young people took part in the project, attending workshops and sessions led by Kat Francois (comedienne and sexual health specialist) who also presents throughout the film.

The film is intended as an introduction to sexual health and relationships for young people. The film includes footage of consultations and workshops held with the young people and lots of information about different related issues - consent, the law, contraception, sexual health and repsect.

All of the young people who took part in the project received additional advice and guidance from Brook and Living Well and we would encourage everyone who views the film to consult with other advice services as well.

The film includes adult content and imagery, relevant to the nature and objectives of the film. We advise that this film should not be viewed by children under the age of 16, without adult supervision.

Check out the Octavia Foundation's website here


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