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Protection, cure and getting help


The best form of protection against STIsis to always wear a condom when having sexual contact... they do not give you total protection against STIs but they are the best protection available.


STIs will not go away by themselves so if you get one you need to get it treated. If left untreated some STIs can be a serious health risk and in some cases can result in death.The treatment of STIs can often be as simple as taking a course of antibiotics or using special shampoo so don't delay in getting help.


One STI is HIV/AIDS for which there is still no cure. However, people infected with HIV/AIDS can have a longer life expectancy with treatment so it is important to get help early. An organisation called Dhiverse provides support for people with HIV/AIDS - check out the Dhiverse website for more information. You can also text 0754 8960453 or get a reply within 24 hrs.

Getting Help

To get an STI treated you will have to take proper medical advice - this is available from your doctor or you could go to one of the county's sexual health clinics.

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