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Pubic Lice

What is it?

Pubic lice (crabs) are parasites that live in coarse body hair such as in the genital area and under your arms. Both men and women can easily pass them on through close body and sexual contact. Pubic lice are a grey/yellow colour, approximately 2mm long and are of crab like appearance.

What are the symptoms?

It may take weeks after initial contact for symptoms or lice to show, but you may notice itching/irritation in affected areas, black powdery droppings in your underwear or tiny specs of blood on the skin.

Test and treatment

A doctor or nurse would probably be able to diagnose pubic lice just by looking at the affected area although they may need to look through a magnifying glass. If lice are found they are easily and effectively treated using a cream, lotion or shampoo.

What can happen if its not treated?

Pubic lice will not go away without treatment and you will risk infecting someone else.

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