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What is it?

Thrush is caused when yeast (found in the stomach, vagina, mouth and on the skin) grows rapidly. This can be caused by many factors including illness, a change from your usual body products or wearing restrictive clothes.

Thrush can be passed on by sexual contact.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms for women may include a thick white discharge, pain when you wee or have sex, or an itchy soreness in the genital area. Men may have redness, itchiness and soreness at the tip of the penis and may also have a thick white discharge from the penis.

Tests and treatment

A nurse or doctor may take a swab form for affected area and may ask for a urine sample. Thrush is easily treated with creams, tablets or pessaries (pessaries are a kind of tablet that are inserted into the vagina).

What can happen if its not treated?

Thrush can clear up without treatment although the quicker it goes, the less discomfort you will endure, so its best to have it treated. If left untreated you may risk passing it on to other people.

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