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Cambridgeshire Youth Awards 2012 - In the Movies

Young people from all over Cambridgeshire converged on the Neale-Wade on Wednesday 4th March 2012 to celebrate the achievements of young people during the last twelve months.  

Awards from the categories listed below were presented by Councillor John Powley, Chairman of Cambridgeshire County Council.

The theme for this year's event was "At the movies" and  the March locality team provided a truly premier/red carpet atmosphere for the evening.

Every year a range of awards are given in recognition of innovative and high achieving youth work activities delivered across the County. Previous events have included "Don’t Waste Your Talent in 2011, "The Big Event" in 2010 and "The Young People’s Oskar Awards" in 2009.

This Annual Award Event has been a key action in the Big Plan and has been the subject of previous member’s papers. Each year a small central budget is devolved to the host locality from the Central Youth Support Service Team. The purpose of this funding is to provide finance for staffing, venue and transport and other project critical issues. Project management is provided by the YSS Performance and Development Manager.

There are various categories of awards. The categories have been based on national award categories, previous awards within Cambridgeshire and consultation with staff. This year, categories will be modified in line with the development of the new Youth Support Service and Cambridgeshire’s Children’s Trust Plan 2011 – 2012 (replaces Big Plan 2 ended 2011)

Categories are judged by neutral groups of young people from accross Cambridgeshire.


This year's winners

Category 1 - Cambridgeshire - The Being Healthy YSS Award

Winner: Witchford Village College Health Ambassadors - Ely, Littleport, Witchford locality


Category 2 - Cambridgeshire – The YSS Integrated Working Award

Winner: Turning Point (County Council and Romsey Mill partnership project) - Cambridge City South locality

Category 3 - Cambridgeshire - The Stay Safe YSS Award

Winner:  Fire Rescue Accident simulation - St Ives/Huntingdon localities


Category 4 -  Cambridgeshire – The Positive Image of Young People Award

Winner: Positive Images -  Soham Young Migrants Project - Bottisham, Burwell, Soham locality


Category 5 - Cambridgeshire – The YSS & Achievement Award

Winner: St Ives Arts Award Group - St Ives locality


Category 6 - Cambridgeshire – The YSS & Environment Award

No winners


Category 7 - Cambridgeshire – The YSS Inclusion & Equality Award

Winner: Positive Images -  Soham Young Migrants Project - Bottisham, Burwell, Soham locality


Category 8 - Cambridgeshire – The Youth Participation Award

Winner: C21 Web Radio Project - Bottisham, Burwell, Soham locality 


Category 9 - Locality & Cambridgeshire – The YSS Young Person Outstanding Contribution Award

Cambridgeshire Winner: Amiee Hobson - Ely, Littleport, Witchford locality

Zach Faulkner - Cottenham & Swavesey locality winner
Whitney Gillen - March & Chatteris locality winner
Rose Tobeck- Cambridge City South locality winner
Nicola Cornwell - Whittlesey locality winner


Category 10 - Locality – The YSS Young Persons Outstanding Personal Achievement Award

Chris Harrold - March & Chatteris locality winner
Finley Pietersen - Cambridge City North locality winner
Joe Davies - St Ives locality winner
Jordan Hancock - Wisbech locality winner
Joseph Curtis Bridges - Whittlesey locality winner


11 For the best funded Young Localism - Dragon's Den project

Winner: Fenzone Youth Council - Young People March 

Young people making a difference

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