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Let's talk about sex

Lets talk about sex is a project to create some positive sexual health messages for young people in the county.

The project, funded by the Terrance Higgins Trust, involved young people from five youth projects around Cambridgeshire.  Young people from these projects created short sexual health soundbites to be played over Youthoria's radio station C21 web radio as sexual health promotional adverts.

The adverts have also been sent to secondary schools in the county for use in PSHE lessons. 

You can find out more about these below:

Sound bite 1 - Don't let it change you
"Lots of people we know have pornography on their phones and computers but we don't like it and we feel under a lot of pressure to behave like the people in the films.  We hope our soundbite will help other young people like us realise that you don't have to give in to it" - The Ely Crew

Listen to the "Don't let it change you" soundbite here

Soundbite 2 - C Card
"Our soundbite's all about the way some people think that sexual infections and pregnancy are never going to happen to them and the more people you with the more risk you are in.  Our message is simple.... Know where to get condoms and use them!" - The Duxford Massive Crew

Listen to the "C Card" soundbite here


Soundbite 3 - Someone to talk to
"Sometimes when you've got a sex or relationship problem it feels like you are on your own but we wanted to say that there are people you can go to who will listen and help you. -The St Neots Crew

Listen to the "someone to talk" to soundbite here


Soundbite 4 - Talk about it
"We think that everyone needs a little help especially when it comes to sex and relationships so we wanted to say something that would make people feel better about talking to someone. - The Milton Crew

Listen to the "talk about it" soundbite here


Soundbite 5 - Don't be afraid to ask
"You really don't have to be embarrassed about asking for contraception or advice and we hope our advert will show that" - The Soham Crew

Listen to the "Don't be afraid to ask" soundbite here


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