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"can my parents have control of me after i turn 18 and still going to school i live with my mother and my father has custey of can he make me live with him take me from my mom?"

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I read your points was jealous

It really sucks that people laugh at what other people wear. Just because you're different to them doesn't mean they're right. Me and my friends get that all the time because of what we wear and how we do our hair and stuff. WE DONT ALL LIKE BURBERRY!!! sorry to anyone on here who does but we should all be allowed our own opinion. Anyway take care.

This is a good website that taught me a lot about bullying and ask ali is decent

can we say what has been happening to us and what we are upset about what we do and what people to around us?

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I got a leaflet and it says sign up for a chance to win £50 in shopping vouchers

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Let’s face it, the British aren’t exactly known for their empathy or portrayal of emotions and are stereotyped with stiff upper lips. Years ago, counselling had a lot of stigma attached to it. My grandparents, and even my parent’s generations were used to simply patching over cracks, pulling themselves together and getting on with things. These were eras when showing weakness and needing help for emotional issues were considered flaws, especially for men.

Sadly, we have been left marked by the past. Many have no shame in expressing their lack of faith in talking therapies. They claim that it is a ‘new age’ thing, much like Twitter, Skype, or tablets; and I’m not talking about the medical kind!

Counselling is for people who realise that a little guidance is necessary. It is a way in which you can examine your issues and have greater understanding of yourself. It could be that you're looking for support during time or with a seemingly unsolvable problem in your life; this needn’t be a new problem either, some seek a counsellor to talk about the past, because, even though we deny it, our past do have a huge effect on our everyday decisions.

As a response to those who doubt counselling and would rather people simply pull themselves together, the answer is, that by finding a counsellor, asking for help, reaching out and conquering your fears, you are pulling yourself together. You’re being proactive. It is not a weakness, but a strength to accept that sometimes you need a little support.

As for the people who deny having ever sort help, or who claim they do not know anybody for whom counselling has worked, I would like to confront them with the figures published by BCAP. In England alone, the number of counsellors has tripled in the last ten years to keep up with the demand. So, somebody must be going to see them.

If you got lost, you’d use a map or sat nav. So, why not use a counsellor to guide you on life’s journey? If you wanted to learn more about a certain subject you’d attend a class, or ask a professional. A counsellor is a professional who can help you learn about yourself. If you were physically ill you would see a doctor, therefore if you are mentally struggling, it makes perfect sense to see a counsellor.

Don’t let stigma stop you from reaching out.

- 19 year old from Huntingdon

It's dreadful. I live in Burwell, the nearest train station is 15 minutes away by car and 40 minutes by bus. The buses stop at 6.30. Want to go out? I don't think so. Not to mention how expensive it is.

hi my names brooke and i disagree on animal testing i think it should be banned if u want something tested test it on humans!!!! not poor innocent animals

i go to the youth club at the Queen Mary Centre called centre 4. we all love going to the youth club i go there with my little sister and loads of my friends from down my street and around my Area .i have been going to the youth club sience i was 10 nd im now 14. i have made loads of new friends there i get on with all the youth workers . we have lots of fun there and it gets us off of the streets. we do loads different activities there e.g. we go on trips , play sports in the gym play on the wii or ps3 and loads more!! i would like to say a big thank you to all the youth workers who put up with us all this time , because without them most of our lifes would be boring cause they put smiles on our faces when we are down !!

i think that youthoria is really cool because i won one of the quizes

The Olympics as a separate entity is an ideal but the reality of the world confuses what should be a high end sporting competition bringing athletes from around the world. Of course although the cost appears astronomical it is largely offset by the economic boost to the host city through the dramatic increase in jobs, memorabilia, advertising and auxiliary industries e.g. hotels which benefit magnificently from the games. As for the drug use, it is rare even though they do enhance performance dramatically. Drug taking at the Olympics should automatically result in a lifetime ban from the Olympic games.- Alice

I think people should do the olympics because they enjoy sport, not because they want to WIN which resorts to taking drugs. i also belive that sport and politics should not clash becasue they are two diffrent subjects which needent be put together.

I think crime is getting worse on the street sthis year

youthoria is a brill website because there are loads of cool stuff to do !!!!!!

I HATE THE FENS. never nothing to do excpet parks, then we get told off for being there apparently we are intimidating. well cheers! Hardly no transport and if there is its EXPENSIVE. no jobs except in the towns that we cant get to.

Theres nothing to do for people my age in the Ramsey/ Warboys/ Pondersbrige area. Theres not even any jobs. The worst thing is if we want to get to towns such as Huntingdon, Peterborough and St.Neots where they actually do have things to do, theres hardly any buses or transport. And the buses that there are are really really expensive. So basically what I wanted to say was the council should make special bus passes for our age. We cant work (because we cant get there or theres no jobs in our area) so we dont have much money, just like the elderly and disabled. so why do they get free bus passes and we don't? Instead we get patronised for "hanging about in parks" or "sitting playing computer games getting obese".

i think that young people should be allowed to choose their future and not be forced in to doing what their parents/carers want them to do

Everyone please try and stop smoking, it affects me as much ad it does to you, Im only 15 and i bet from secound hang smoke i cud get cancer when im older and i didnt even smoke once in my life, Please save your kids as well as me!!

Lyf in da fens iz pants, i liv in chatteris and dare int noting t do if ya don't hav money, all ya got is a park, WOW!!!!! If ya ent got money u cnt getta buss n go swimming, ya stuk in chatteris n wen ya ask mum or dad dey say no cuz dey got house wrk t do n dad bin wrkin ard. Nun of ya m8s cn drive so wot do ya do, n wen u leave skool, ya cnt git a job cuz dare ent no where t wrk, dey all wnt ya t hav xpirence n ow cn we git xpirence if dey wnt teach us, wen i get da chance im movin t bristol wiv ma nan cuz i h8 it ere

Our school is probs the worst in cambs. I have had about twelve tutors since i have started year ten, and its not on. We also had around 20 citizenship teachers (and that is no joke). Maths is a big problem too, one teacher got sacked because they hit a pupil with their planner. I had a meeting with my latest tutor and my mum came too, i am failing badly in maths and am not expected to evenget a grade 4 my maths GCSEs i have started to tutor myself maths at home and i can honestly say that i have learnt more in a week by myself than i did the whole of this year in a maths classroom. thee is about 10 of us who have taken ourselves out of maths and tutored ourselves. i have now brought my grades up to at least a d+ and im still working hard at it. the English department know how to handle their students. English has got a very good reputation for keeping control.

Hello, i hate it that the papers say that coursework is cheating. Its really hard and its good that we get help from teachers and parents. Also when the papers say exams are getting easier, some people spend a lot of time revising because they find subjects hard. Apart from that life is fab and i hope everyone on this site is having a good time.

i just want to say to everyone-DONT WATCH SO MUCH TV!!! did u know that in some guidebooks for other countries about britain it says that we are one of the most lazy and tv watchin countrys in the world??!!! i know lots of people including my friends who watch hours and hours of tv each day. i think people should get out there and do stuff like sport or looking after animals or whatever interests them!! i do loads of hobbies and only watch about 1 and a half hours of tv a day.i always feel really active and happy and i bet this is partly why!!! i mean on tv you watch other peoples lives and how fun and dramatic they are-why bother when you could be living fun lives yourselves!!???

hello everyone!!! i just want to say that i think people should not be so tarty and chaving all the time!! there are loads of girls in my year who are obsessed with their looks and always wearing make up. there mean to people who dont look perfect or just anyone thats not in their huge gang! so many girls are obsessed with really stupid things in life like looks,boys and being generally bitchy and older for their age! i just think people should get a grip on stuff that matters and have fun!!!

hi, i think tht it's really unfair tht they have changed the legal age of buying cigarettes! i mean i turned 16 in march so i could actually buy cigaretts but then 6 months later i cant now i have to wait til i'm 18! plus their gonna make it so tht u have to be 18 instead of 17 to be able to start driving lessons and you have to have driving lessons for a whole year before u can take ur test! so then u will be at last 19 before u can drive! its ridiculous! plus soon u'll have to be 21 before u can legally start drinkin! it just feels like i'm never gonna be old enough to do anythin!