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Writing your CV

Your CV is a brief description of you and is a chance to impress and encourage an employer to invite you to an interview.

If you'd like to create a CV why not try the Youthoria CV creator? This will help you to build a professional-looking CV, which you can then save, export, email or print.

Here are some tips to help you write your CV:

  • Keep it simple. No more than one or two white A4 pages that are typed, nicely set out and easy to read.
  • Check your spelling and punctuation - don't make any mistakes. Asking someone else to check it for you is also a good idea.
  • Make sure you include details of all your education and work (paid and voluntary).  
  • Include a profile of yourself - a short, positive statement that descibes you and your strengths.
  • Target your CV to each job you apply for, making changes that highlight relevant skills or experiences.
  • Keep updating your CV as you gain new skills and experiences.
  • Be aware that your social media account may be looked at by employers. Does your privacy setting allow everyone to see everything about you?


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