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Writing a covering letter

You should always send a covering letter with a CV or application form.

Your covering letter should explain why you want the job and what you can offer the company; it shouldn't repeat what's in your CV.  

  • Type your letter in a clear font on A4 white paper. Check that your spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Keep it short and simple - three or four paragraphs maximum.
  • Say why you are writing, giving a job title or reference if possible, and where you saw the job advertised.
  • If you start your letter Dear Sir or Madam, end with Yours faithfully. If you use a person's name for example, Dear Mrs Brown - end your letter with Yours sincerely.
  • Don't use the same covering letter for each vacancy you apply for - change the letter to reflect the job you're going for.
  • If your employer requires an electronic CV, then your covering letter will be written in your email and not as a separate attachment.


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