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Finding a part-time or holiday job

Need more cash? Want to get some work experience? Saving for something special like driving lessons or a holiday?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to find a part-time job or holiday work, here are just a few things you may need to think about.

Your age

If you are under 16 there are certain rules about what you can do, where you can work and for how long on school days and in the holidays. For whatever type of work you do, you will need a work permit before you can start. These are issued by your local authority. You can get an application form from your school or from the County Council website.

You can check out the full information on our Jobs for under 16s page.

Your school/college work

Whatever you do it's really important that it doesn't stop you doing as well as possible at school or college. If you find that you're struggling to keep on top of your school or college work talk things over with your tutor.

Finding a job

Lots of places employ young people in part-time and holiday jobs, although at the moment there are fewer vacancies. You could, for example, look for work in a supermarket or any other type of shop

Vacancies are sometimes advertised in local papers and on their online pages, on notice boards, in schools and colleges or in shop windows. But there are jobs that are never advertised and are often filled by word of mouth or by people who applied just in case there were vacancies. So, it is always worth contacting employers just to see if there have any vacancies.  Also ask your family and friends if they have any contacts or suggestions of places you could apply to.

The vacancies advertised in our Find a Job search are for 16 - 19 year olds. These are mostly full-time positions but sometimes part-time jobs are advertised too. So it would be worthwhile checking the pages regularly or signing up for alerts in areas that interest you.  

If you need help with completing application forms, writing speculative letters, creating your CV together and preparing for an interview visit our  Get a job section.  

But remember - play it safe - let someone know if you are going for an interview, and when and where.

Good luck! 

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